What if…

you could build a strong dependable supply chain that reduces cuts overhead and improves reduces delivery times?

you could hire top level talent to streamline operations and expand your sales team?

you could buy and design a new brick and mortar store?

you could invest in technology that would take your successful business to the next level by adding eCommerce?

The specialty retail space is undergoing massive changes with major opportunities for those in the industry that are agile, forward-thinking, and willing to invest in growth when most others are staying very conservative. The Specialty Retail Industry includes owners and operators of Electronics Retail, Apparel Retail, Computer & IT Retail, Home Improvement and Hardware Retail, Automotive Retail, Furniture and Home Appliances, and Pool and Spa Suppliers to name a few. Our partners in the specialty retail industry are making large investments to shift their selling capabilities online, to acquire multiple containers of product thus lowering their overhead, and redesigning their brick and mortar spaces so that customers can experience their retail options IN PERSON prior to making a big purchase.
At Rose Capital Funding, we understand that our partners need working capital to gain and maintain a competitive edge, capture to a new market of online consumers, hire top-tiered talent, invest in larger space and potential warehouse ownership, and to constantly refine their supply chain. We listen to best understand your vision so that we can provide you with the perfect solution that meets your needs. Our team treats each and every one of our customers like family.

Specialty Retail Funding with Rose Capital

Same Day Approval

Give us a ring, and we can have your application for hospitality funding approved and funded quickly. No application fees apply, and we have one of the highest approval rates in the business!

Simple & Easy Application Process

We know how busy you are! Our friendly team can walk you through the application process guiding you step by step along the way, freeing you up to do what you do best, running the show!

We Care About Our Customers

We treat our customers like family, not like numbers on a spreadsheet. Unlike our competitors, one of our professionals is available to speak with you personally, throughout the entire process for applying for hospitality funding.

Direct Funding = Lower Rates

Most other funders are middlemen looking to drive up costs with hidden fees and commissions. We fund our merchants directly, which speeds up funding and keeps our rates much more affordable!

Honest & Ethical

We are fully transparent with you on all of our terms, working closely with you to secure the funding honestly, ethically, and responsibly.

Worry-Free Funding

Rose Capital offers a variety of payment options that are flexible to meet your business needs. Rose Capital also offers pre-payment discounts. And this does not affect your credit score.

6 Easy Steps for Funding Your Business Today

Step 1: Call or fill out our form.

Step 2: One of our team members will call you to discuss your options.

Step 3: We agree on the terms of the funding over the phone.

Step 4: We send over a due diligence list for you to complete and send back.

Step 5: We send over the contract for you to sign.

Step 6: We send over your funds & welcome you to the family!!!

Questions about short-term funding for your business?

A member of our team is here to help you grow your business. Call us at 844-526-2251 or submit the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

“A true company that wants to help small business owners succeed. I highly recommend theses guys. The process was quick and easy. Always communicating with us definitely a A+ company”
Todd Bodine, Business Owner