Industries We Serve:

Our funding customers all have one thing in common, and that’s a dream. For some it’s adding a new flat-top grille to their flourishing restaurant, for others, it’s gearing up for the holidays by keeping the manufacturing line at its maximum production levels. Whatever your vision, big or small, we have a merchant advance program for you… AND YOUR DREAM!

Fund Your Restaurant

Our restaurant clients come from all walks of life, ranging from big cities to rural communities. Some of our clients have multiple dining locations, while some have a single location. Rose Capital Funding has a quick and easy application process that gets you back to doing what you do best with the resources you need to grow your business!

Healthcare and Medical Services Funding 

Our healthcare and medical practice clients come from a variety of backgrounds and educations with the honorable goal of helping others to find health and happiness. We here at Rose Capital Funding believe that it is our privilege to support these individuals and their teams as they expand, grow and increase the level of care provided to their patients.

Healthcare and Medical Services Funding 

Our healthcare and medical practice clients come from a variety of backgrounds and educations with the honorable goal of helping others to find health and happiness. We here at Rose Capital Funding believe that it is our privilege to support these individuals and their teams as they expand, grow and increase the level of care provided to their patients.

Funding for Manufacturing

Our manufacturing clients typically view the world in a different way. They see poorly designed products and set out to produce a superior solution that functions and performs in a way no other product can. Along this journey of invention and, at times, reinvention, they develop and engineer systems that allow for increased efficiency and productivity. And it is here that we, Rose Capital Funding, meet their vision with funding resources that support growth and new innovation.

Dental Funding 

We support our dental industry partners with the funding they need when they need it. Since there are no restrictions on how the cash is used, it can cover the purchase of new equipment, renovations, marketing, all of the above, and more.

We Provide Funding to Almost Every Industry!

Here are a few examples of the industries we support:

Funding for Restaurants

We know the time, dedication, creativity, and tenacity it takes to survive in the hectic and ever-changing service industry, especially the restaurants that are run by hard-working small business owners! That’s why we work closely with our restaurant merchants to best understand their funding needs to provide the adaptability and time-sensitive delivery of working capital in a quick and easy manner.

Funding for Healthcare and Medical

Whether you’re looking to grow your practice or wanting to grow your staff, Rose Capital Funding has the options for small business funding. With a simple application process, we help our medical and healthcare industry small business owners get approved and back in their practice doing what physicians do best.

Funding for Manufacturing

Wholesale manufacturing can be a roller coaster ride of big orders and slow periods either due to seasonality or rapid growth. At Rose Capital Funding, we focus on providing assistance that helps bridge the gap to fulfill those big orders with longer net payment arrangements.

Funding for Hospitality Companies

From inns and motels to cabins and lodges, Rose Capital Funding provides our hospitality merchants with the capital that allows them the choices and freedom to improve their rooms, their common areas, their lobbies, and staff. Most of our hotel partners are focused on preparation for the high season and the ability to be worry-free through the slower seasons. Whether it’s summer hiking or winter skiing that drives your market’s visitation trends, the Rose Capital family is here to provide you with small business funding resources.

Funding for Professional Services and Consulting Firms

Our knowledge-based organization partners can create customized offers for merchants that provide their specialty professional services to customers all over the world. We support the capital needs for lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, accountants, financial advisers, engineers, and consultants, among others.

Construction Funding

Our construction clients are typically looking for one thing…and that’s growth! Whether you’re looking to bridge the gap for that big new project that is going to be a game-changer for your portfolio or looking to invest in your infrastructure to speed up job timelines, Rose Capital Funding is a quick and simple way to grow your business.

Funding for Mechanics and Auto Repair

Are you a mechanic with an expanding roster of customers needing their vehicles and/or equipment serviced? Do you need to purchase more tools and equipment? Or hire more people? At Rose Capital Funding, we provide capital for your business to grow the way you choose, when you choose and how you choose.

Transportation and Logistics Funding

Are you looking to invest in your fleet, hire drivers, expand your storage space, increase the number of loading docks, or expand your services? Rose Capital Funding has funding for your transportation company. Some of our clients include specialty transportation, limousine services, moving vans, livestock transportation, marine transportation with boats, air transport with planes, helicopters, delivery companies, marine shipping, medical transport, and senior services.

Funding for Retail Trade

If selling merchandise is your specialty, you either have a beautiful space to display and sell your wares and/or you’re online with direct to consumer products. Either way, Rose Capital Funding has the financing portion of your business covered. Some of our customers include grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, and convenience stores, from salon owners to rental companies, we offer a wide array of simple and easy funding options for retail stores.

Funding for Wholesale Trade

Whether it’s inventory, support for your sales team or support because you’ve made that big government sale and need to bridge the gap, Rose Capital Funding can take care of all your business capital needs.

Specialty Retail Funding

Some of our funding customers own the category that they participate in, some have exclusivity that allows them to corner their section of the retail market. And others are growing exponentially year over year, priding themselves on being the disruptor that is going to change the way their customers see retail. Rose Capital Funding works with these trade specialists to earn a larger market share, grow their portfolios and acquire competitors.

Dental Funding

Our dental industry clients are an important part of the community, making happy and healthy smiles, all while running an increasingly complicated business. We understand that running a dental practice requires intensive training, specialized skills, and expensive equipment; it’s no easy task to run a business with limited funding.

Pool and Spa Funding

Our pool and spa supply partners all understand that it is important to have access to capital to invest in growing their business. Here at Rose Capital, we understand seasonal working capital fluctuations play a big roll in your business and are here to help. We will give you the funding you need when you need it. Let us help you grow your business!.

Funding your Business

Whether you are in the retail business, own your own practice, manufacturing or restaurant/lodging, Rose Capital Funding can get you the funds you need now, to help grow your vision, your team, your space, your equipment, your inventory to a place of strength and stability.

Questions about short-term funding for your business?

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“They were a pleasure to deal with. Casey our account manager was outstanding. He was very professional and respectful to our needs and our time constraints. Everyone within the company was helpful and professional. It was a win win for each party.”
Tom, Business Owner